Minor issues within your home may signify the beginning of major problems. If unnoticed, these issues can gradually lead to extensive property damage. Routine inspections and maintenance are helpful in locating these small concerns before they cause costly damage. Here are five signs of major problems with your home.

Slow Drains Can Indicate Major Problems With Your Home

In most cases, fixing a single blocked drain is quite simple. However, when you experience two or three clogged drains simultaneously, this indicates the drainage system has a severe problem.

Causes of recurrent clogs include debris buildup in the pipes. Limescale accumulation narrows the internal diameter of the plumbing pipe, slowing water drainage. Alternatively, blocked drains could arise from tree roots growing into the drainage system.

If you experience recurring problems, seek the services of an expert plumber. Camera inspections help to locate debris and other issues in the plumbing system. Professional drain cleaning can eliminate dirt, food waste, and other items that might be obstructing water flow.

Increase in Utility Bills

Skyrocketing electric bills can indicate your house has a big problem. Don’t ignore an unexplained rise in your monthly utility expenses.

A failing roof could be a cause of increasing power bills. Damaged roofing can affect your insulation and ventilation, causing your AC system to be overworked. The rising costs could be due to a reduction in your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Consult an expert to locate and repair HVAC issues. A roofing contractor can fix roofing problems, preventing more severe property damage.

Another reason for rising utility bills may be a severe leak in your plumbing system. If your water bill has suddenly increased and you are not using more water than usual, call a professional to troubleshoot the issue. It might be that a water line has broken between the street and your home or you could have a hidden leak within your walls.

Flickering Lights are Signs of Major Problems With Your Home

Flickering lights are a sign of an electrical problem, especially if you have more than one flickering bulb. Typically, flickering lights indicate faults in your home’s electrical wiring. Common electrical issues include loose connections, short-circuiting, and incorrect voltage. The fixture could be malfunctioning or rodents may be chewing on the wires, destroying electrical components.

Failing to address these faults exposes you to the risk of fire. If you have a flickering light, first try replacing the bulb. If the problem persists, consult a professional electrician to inspect and make repairs to the wiring system.

Bad Odors

Unfamiliar odors are other indicators that your house has a problem. Awful smells affect your comfort and the general indoor air quality.

One of the common reasons for smelly odors is poor drainage. Sewage backup can happen in the toilet and shower drains. Clogged kitchen sinks also emit bad smells. Contact a plumber to diagnose and make repairs to your home’s drainage system.

Foul odors can also occur due to HVAC issues. These problems include clogged filters, debris accumulation, and mold or mildew growth in the air ducts. Consult an expert if you suspect possible HVAC problems. Frequent HVAC maintenance is helpful to keep the ductwork clean.

Stuck Windows and Doors

If your windows and doors require extra effort to open and close, you might be dealing with a severe problem. Difficulty in opening and closing the windows could be due to shifts in your home’s foundation. Contact a structural engineer who will assess the situation and make recommendations for repairs.

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