Smoke from industries and fumes from cars are some images that come to mind when you think about air pollution. People are surprised to learn that the air inside their homes is often polluted with chemicals, mold, dust, cleaning products, and smoke. With these tips, you can take steps to improve indoor air quality in your home.

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

Various pollutants can contaminate the air in your home. Pollutants may come from outdoors or be generated inside your house. Common contaminants include cigarette smoke, pesticides, dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, smoke from cooking, and chemicals from cleaning products, paints, and finishes.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Replace AC Filters

Your air conditioning system can contribute to contaminated air. The filters in your air conditioner may be dirty and clogged, which recirculates dust in your home instead of capturing contaminants. Replace the filters to make sure the air in your home is clean and fresh. Changing the filters as recommended will also help your system run more efficiently and can extend the life of the unit.

Check Other Air Filters

Your HVAC is probably not the only appliance with filters in your home. Check the filters in other appliances such as the vacuum cleaner, dryer, air purifiers, and ventilation fans. Make sure the filters are cleaned or replaced regularly so that contaminants are not released in the air.

Clean Your Air Ducts

The air ducts transfer heated or cooled air through your home. Ducts can have debris or dust trapped inside that contributes to indoor air pollution. Have your air ducts professionally cleaned every few years to improve indoor air quality.

Improve Indoor Air Quality With Plants

Plants are natural air filters. Houseplants play a role in improving the quality of air in your home. Plants like ferns and spider plants help to filter contaminants from your indoor air.

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet and rugs in your home trap dust, mold, and fur from your pets. As the dust accumulates, it affects air quality and can lead to respiratory issues. Vacuum weekly with a HEPA filter machine. Deep clean your carpets or hire a carpet cleaning company at least twice a year. Your carpets will look better and you’ll breathe more comfortably.

Use Eco-Friendly Products to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The cleaning products in your home may contribute to poor indoor air quality. Instead of harsh chemicals, choose products that are friendly to the environment and don’t contain toxic compounds. You can also make your own cleaning products from simple ingredients you already have around the house.

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