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Scott Eck


  • Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)
  • InterNACHI Certified
  • Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)
  • New Jersey Radon Testing Certification
Scott Eck - Home Inspector with Construction Experience

Building Expertise in Construction and Engineering

Scott Eck brings a wealth of knowledge to the field of home inspection with a solid background spanning over 30 years in the construction and engineering industries. He has extensive experience managing large-scale inspections for critical infrastructure projects such as highways, bridges, railroads, and airports. Scott has a keen eye for detail and a firm commitment to upholding the highest standards in his role as a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI).

Transitioning to Home Inspections

Scott made a strategic shift eight years ago, leveraging his construction and inspection skills to help individuals navigate the complexities of real estate. His desire to play a pivotal and helpful role in people’s home buying experiences drove his decision to become a home inspector. Scott’s transition from overseeing major infrastructure projects to focusing on the complexities of residential properties reflects his commitment to ensuring his clients’ safety and satisfaction.

New Jersey Home Inspector

Client-Centric Approach and Trust Building

Scott’s commitment to clear communication and client involvement is at the heart of Encompass Home Inspection Service. He understands that trust is the cornerstone of a successful home inspection. Scott runs his company in such a way that clients can express their concerns and ask questions. This client-centric approach extends beyond the inspection day, with clients feeling confident in contacting Scott as a trustworthy resource even months after the inspection.

Homelife and Hobbies

Scott Eck finds joy in the simple pleasures of life outside of the world of home inspections. Family is very important to him, and he values quality time spent with them. Scott is an avid traveler who enjoys discovering new places, broadening his horizons, and embracing new experiences. One of his favorite pastimes is fishing, which serves as a perfect counterbalance to the demands of his professional life.

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