Homeowners want their living spaces to be comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing. Basic maintenance and upkeep help you keep your property in great shape. Make sure your family is happy and healthy with these steps to encourage good health and promote wellness at home.

Filter Your Water to Promote Wellness at Home

Whether you get water from a water processing facility or you have a well, there could be contaminants in the water supply. Order a water-quality test to better understand what types of pollutants are present. Purchase a filtration system for your home. Whole-home systems are available that provide clean water to every tap, including your shower and laundry machine.

There are less expensive options for water filters, too. Some types of filters attach to the kitchen faucet to provide clean water. Other styles are designed to sit on the countertop and filter water as needed. Pitcher filters are the least expensive option. These feature carbon filters and are small enough to be stored in the refrigerator to provide cool, clean drinking water.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Taking steps to improve air quality in your home will reduce the occurrence of allergies and asthma symptoms in your family members. Set a reminder on your phone or mark the calendar to remind you to change your HVAC filter every 30 to 90 days. If you live in a home with pets or allergy sufferers, it is helpful to change the filter more frequently.

Changing the air filter regularly will also help you keep energy costs down. The dirtier your air filter gets, the harder it is for air to flow freely through the system, and the higher the cost of operating the HVAC unit will be.

Use air purification machines to filter the air in any room inside your house. Install them in common areas like the living room and den. Family members who suffer from allergies or asthma will benefit from having an air purifier in their bedrooms.

Promote Wellness by Managing Humidity in the Home

Humidity matters when you are hoping to create a safe and healthy home. Too much moisture in the air can be damaging long-term. Excessive humidity can lead to damage throughout your home. It can also contribute to mold and mildew growth. Moisture will damage paint, cause wallpaper to peel, and warp furniture and hardwood flooring. Humidity can even cause problems with brick and masonry work by causing it to crack if moisture levels are constantly fluctuating.

An easy way to lower humidity is by properly ventilating your home. When cooking on the stove or taking a hot shower, water vapor is released into the surrounding air. Open a window when cooking or bathing, or turn on the ventilation fan. Use air conditioning or window fans to circulate air and keep your home cool and dry during warmer months.

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