Structural damage can worsen over time and lead to hazardous situations and costly repairs when left untreated. If you notice signs of structural problems in your home, call a professional to take action.

Let’s look at some of the most common signs of structural problems and what you can do to fix them.

Cracks in Walls are Signs of Structural Problems

One of the most common signs of structural damage is cracks in walls or the ceiling. These cracks occur for various reasons, including settling foundations, water damage, and even earthquakes. No matter the cause, it’s essential to hire a professional to repair cracks and gaps as soon as possible.

Water Leaking From Walls or the Ceiling

Another sign of structural damage is water leaking from a wall or ceiling. If a pipe bursts, water can pool in the space between floors and may begin to leak through lighting fixtures. You might also notice damp patches or dark stains on the ceiling or walls.

This water damage could be caused by several different issues, including faulty plumbing, a leaking roof, and even condensation. Determine what’s causing the leaks and hire a specialist, if needed. It’s critical to stop the moisture problem before making cosmetic repairs to the damaged area.

Doors and Windows Won’t Close

Doors and windows that don’t close properly are another sign of structural damage. A settling foundation or warping of the frame could contribute to this problem. In some cases, it’s a simple fix like tightening screws or replacing the hinges.

If you have doors and windows that aren’t closing correctly, it’s essential to determine the cause of the problem and have them repaired as soon as possible. Doors and windows that won’t close are a security risk and may allow water and pests into your home.

Signs of Structural Problems: Uneven Flooring

One of the signs of foundation problems is an uneven floor. You might notice the flooring feels bouncy when you walk on it or that certain areas are higher than others. These problems are often caused by soil erosion and settling foundations.

If you have an uneven floor, make repairs to the structure to stabilize the materials. Neglecting the issue can further damage the home and make it unsafe for you and your family.

Soil Pulling Away from the House

Another sign of foundation problems is soil that starts to pull away from your house. This could be due to several factors, including poor drainage, improper grading, and soil shifting.

If you notice gaps in the earth around your home’s foundation, call a pro to inspect and assess the situation and make the necessary repairs.

These are just a few signs there may be something wrong with the structure of your home. Call a professional to assess and repair the problem before severe damage occurs.

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