If your house no longer suits your needs or you are ready to downsize, you may be considering putting the home on the market. No matter the reason, there are some tried and true steps to take if you want to sell your home successfully. Here are 6 tips to help you through the process.

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

You probably aren’t thinking about a home inspection this early in the process. Traditionally, a home inspection is ordered after a buyer has placed an offer. You can get a leg up on the sale by ordering your own home inspection before you put the house on the market.

A pre-listing inspection is a good idea to avoid being caught off-guard by anything found in the buyer’s inspection. If serious problems are discovered, you’ll have plenty of time to make repairs before listing the property. When the house has no significant issues, you’ll experience a smoother sale and make a better profit.

Hire an Agent to Sell Your Home

A real estate agent will take a commission from your sale, but their services will pay for themselves. The agent will market your home and share it with their network of real estate professionals who will alert interested buyers. An agent works for you to help with preparing the home, negotiations, and closing paperwork.

Make Repairs

It’s worth the time and money to make repairs before selling your home. Buyers usually prefer a move-in ready home that won’t need repairs after they close. Even something as simple as broken fixtures, faded or chipped paint, and cracked outlet covers can discourage a buyer. While these are minor issues, it suggests the home wasn’t well-maintained and is often a red flag.

Because of this, it’s important to take care of repairs before listing the home. Many fixes you can do yourself to save money. For bigger jobs, get estimates from multiple professionals. If you choose to leave your home as-is, adjust your listing price to allow for the buyer to make repairs. It’s also a great idea to share the inspection report with your buyer. This way there won’t be any surprises for the buyer and they’ll see you as more trustworthy.

Stage the Home

Stage the home in a way that makes it look tidy, neutral, and welcoming. You want a potential buyer to envision themselves living there, so remove personal items like family photos and heirlooms. If the space looks cluttered, remove furniture so it is easy to navigate the living areas. This will make the entire home look and feel larger.

Get Professional Photos Taken to Sell Your Home

Many buyers’ first impression of your home is from the online listing. Get quality photos of your house by hiring a professional real estate photographer. A professional knows how to take photos of spaces to make them look roomy, well-lit, and attractive.

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