Snow and colder winter weather might be nice when you’re cozy at home, but it’s not the ideal time to relocate. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can put a damper on what is already a stressful process. If you haven’t taken the time to prepare for a winter move, you may end up overwhelmed when dealing with obstacles. To help your move go smoothly, make a plan when you’re moving to a new house in the wintertime.

Shovel Walkways to Prepare for a Winter Move

When you prepare for a winter move, plan for ice and snow. Snow and ice should be cleared before attempting to move boxes out of the house and into the moving van. If someone slips with a heavy piece of furniture, they could be seriously injured. Keep ice-melt on hand so you can keep walkways and steps safe.

Pack for Cold Weather

Glass, porcelain, and other goods are more brittle in cold weather and it’s important to wrap them so they aren’t damaged during transit. Depending on your location, the roads may be covered in snow or ice. To keep your belongings safe, pack them well using extra blankets and padding before loading them into the truck. Otherwise, they may slide around and be damaged.

Use Doormats

Without a place for movers to wipe their shoes, they may track salt, dirt, and snow into your home. You’ll have to deal with clean-up and your floors may suffer damage. Install doormats inside and outside of the exterior doors. As an extra precaution, use canvas tarps in areas with the most foot traffic.

Prepare for a Winter Move by Organizing

You’ll be in and out of your home a lot during the move. Even with the heat turned on, your home will get cold and uncomfortable. Pack your belongings well before moving day and put the boxes near the door. Moving is expensive and if you’re paying movers by the hour, it won’t take them as long when you’re well organized.

Keep Pets Warm

You may have a jacket and warm boots to stay comfortable, but your pets don’t have that luxury. They have fur, but they will get cold after prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures.

If possible, find someone to take care of your pets during the move. Otherwise, confine them to an empty room during the process. You and your family members can take turns checking on the pets.

Check Winter Weather Reports to Prepare for a Move

You can’t properly prepare for a winter move without checking the weather. Bad weather can ruin your moving plans in any season, and that’s especially true during winter. While weather reports aren’t infallible, they will give you an idea of the conditions to expect on the day of your move.

Be sure to also check road conditions. It may be necessary to plan an alternate route if dangerous roads are expected due to bad weather.

Hire Reputable Movers

Between the cold temperatures, ice and snow, and the general difficulty of packing and loading your things, moving is a difficult process. If you want an easy move and have the money to spare, hire a moving company. The right movers know how to operate in all weather conditions and will make sure that your items aren’t damaged during the process.

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