You may notice fewer sunny days as autumn approaches, but you can still enjoy the garden even though summer is ending. The soil will remain warm for a while longer even after the hottest days have passed. Autumn brings milder weather for your plants. For this reason, it is the best season to plant things like bulbs and perennials. Here are a few tips for planting in the fall

Flowers for Planting in the Fall

It may seem as though colors fade and the garden starts to look dull at the end of summer. Add flowers just before fall to brighten the garden beds. If you want a colorful autumn landscape, plant dahlias, chrysanthemums, and African daisies in mid to late summer for bright color in fall. Add tulips and daffodils bulbs in the fall to bloom in the springtime. These plants have bulbous roots and can withstand cold winter temperatures.

Shrubs and Trees

The increasing rainfall of the season means you don’t have to spend as much time watering trees and shrubs. Plant trees, including elm, maple, spruce, and sycamore in the fall. Maple trees are popular for landscaping because their leaves turn stunning shades of red and yellow each year. Spruce trees and sycamore trees are hardy trees and will be able to withstand harsh conditions in winter.

Install shrubs like viburnum and hydrangea a few weeks before the first frost is expected, so their roots have enough time to become established. When spring arrives next year, they will produce beautiful flowers. You can also plant forsythia bushes in the fall.

Planting Vegetables in the Fall

Greens and root vegetables are ideal for the fall season. Kale, broccoli, lettuce, radishes, cauliflower, and spinach are great options. When it comes to cool-weather vegetables, it is essential to plant them at the right time. Be sure to give your crops sufficient time to mature before the first frost arrives. However, some greens, such as spinach, will be able to withstand the frost and may even taste better if they are harvested a few days after the first frost of the year.

Most people think of spring as the best time of year for gardening. However, a large variety of flowers, shrubs, and vegetables will thrive when planted in the fall, producing a beautiful garden next year. If you decide to add plants in autumn, it’s helpful to mulch the flower beds well to protect the new plants and give them the best chance of survival during the colder months of winter.

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