Keeping your home safe from burglary is easy when you incorporate a few simple and affordable deterrents. Taking steps to protect your property will offer peace of mind no matter how far away you are. Here are a few ways you can improve home security.

Improve Security Around Your Home With Locks

Home security begins with noticing which areas of your home are susceptible to break-ins. Get in the habit of locking doors and windows while you’re away to boost your home’s defenses. Check the windows throughout the house, verifying the locks function properly. Installing window stops that prevent a window from fully opening is a great way to improve security.

Keep your front door and any other entrance doors locked even while you’re at home.  If you have never installed new door locks, tackle that project this weekend. Add new deadbolts with smart technology for a more secure entryway.

Install Cameras to Improve Home Security

Installing cameras, both inside and outdoors, is one of the best security measures you can take. Many cameras are equipped with real-time functions that send alerts directly to your phone when motion is detected. Depending on the type of cameras you install, playback and storage options can be managed with the use of an SD card or cloud storage.

Timers for Indoor Lighting

Use programmable light timers inside the home to ward off burglars when you aren’t home. Install timers on lamps in the most vulnerable areas of your home. Ground-level windows are common entry points that will benefit from illumination. Set your timers to turn on and off at intervals in the evenings and early morning hours.

Outdoor Security Lights

Install motion-sensing lights around the perimeter of your home to illuminate the yard. Outdoor security lights can be added above the garage door, patio door, and the sides of your home for maximum coverage.

Trim Your Shrubs

Overgrown shrubs provide good cover for potential thieves. Regularly trimming shrubbery under windows creates a clear line of sight from any angle. Another way to boost security is to plant foliage under windows to create an additional barrier. Some of the best defensive plants for your front yard are Japanese Quince, Hawthorn, and Honey Locust. These shrubs have briars and thorns and would discourage a burglar from climbing through the greenery to access a window.


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