Your backyard, lawn, and patio require equipment and supplies for maintenance. You may also have items that are necessary when entertaining guests. However, you need adequate patio storage to keep these things from becoming cluttered. Below are a few ideas for patio storage that provide helpful options for your patio. You’ll be able to use the outdoor space and enjoy convenient storage efficiently.

Patio Table That Doubles as Storage or a Cooler

Many patio tables double as storage containers. These tables might feature built-in shelves or a hidden compartment beneath the tabletop. Store throw pillows and blankets inside the table so they are easy to grab if the temperature drops. Some patio tables have an inner lined compartment to serve as a convenient beverage cooler. If you regularly entertain friends and neighbors outdoors, a table cooler is a perfect spot to set drinks and keep beverages cold as you enjoy a hot summer day on the deck.

Ideas for Patio Storage: Storage Bench

A storage bench provides seating on the deck, porch, or patio. Inside, there is a compartment, usually hidden under the seat. You’ll find wooden, plastic, and wicker storage benches in garden shops and home improvement stores. There are many styles available, and with the popularity of these pieces, you might find a storage bench that perfectly matches your patio furniture set.

Outdoor Kitchen or Serving Cart

A rolling cart is convenient for keeping food, knives, and spices nearby the grill while preparing dinner. Outfit the cart with baskets containing plates, cups, and plastic utensils. Alternatively, use the rolling cart as a bar. With bottles and glasses, you can efficiently serve your guests. Choose a cart with wheels to easily be moved around the patio. When not in use, roll the cart out of the way.

Outdoor Cubbies and Organizational Racks

Install an outdoor cubby system or rack to hang towels and clothing. Especially if you have a pool or hot tub, patio storage will relieve clutter by providing space for pool equipment and chemicals. Use the cubbies to store towels, pool accessories, gardening supplies, or children’s toys.

Ideas for Patio Storage: Waterproof Storage Box

You can purchase many different outdoor storage boxes at hardware or sporting goods stores. A waterproof deck box will protect items vulnerable to rain and the elements. Such containers offer protection to your belongings that other patio storage systems will not.

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