Every home needs updates from time to time. Renovations are a great way to upgrade your space while working on a fun project with your family. You’ll also improve your home’s value by making it more attractive and energy-efficient. Here are a few home renovations that help you save money.

Indoor Shutters are One of the Home Renovations that Help You Save Money

Your old vinyl or faux wood blinds may have you feeling limited in your window covering options. Consider replacing them with interior shutters for a new look. They are more durable than string blinds and can be painted to match the room.

Interior shutters close tightly for better light control and privacy. Keep the shutters closed during the heat of the day in the summer so the inside of your home stays cool. In the winter, close them at night to help insulate the house.

Free Plants for Your Landscaping

Landscaping can be expensive: mulch, garden borders, and plants from the garden center that you purchase every year. Next time you’re shopping for plants, choose perennials rather than annuals. These types of plants will come back every year. Perennials also grow larger each season and can be divided into more plants for your yard.

Determine what time of year is appropriate for your plants and climate (usually fall), dig them up, carefully divide them, and plant the new sections in other areas of your landscaping. You’ll increase the area covered by your favorite plants without spending more money at the garden shop.

Add a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great way to keep your home comfortable and save money. If you’ve ever wondered whether you changed the thermostat setting before leaving home, install a programmable device for greater control.

Your HVAC system won’t be running while the family is away and you don’t need heating or cooling. There are even smart thermostats that can be managed remotely via an app on your mobile device.

Home Renovations: Install Warmer Flooring

A cold floor on a winter morning is unpleasant on bare feet. While carpeting is a solution, if you have allergies or pets, it’s not practical for every room.

Cork flooring is a great insulator and has a warm feel, unlike hardwood and linoleum. It is easy to install and can be used in any dry room. That means you can hop out of bed on even the coldest morning and have a comfortable surface beneath your feet.

The best home renovations are the ones that save you money. Remodeling doesn’t have to include heavy equipment and weeks of noise and mess. There are plenty of easy home improvements you can do in just a few evenings or over a weekend.

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