People are working from home more than ever, which for most homeowners means finding space to create a home office. Working from home reduces time spent commuting for workers while also reducing energy needs for the office. 

The best part? There is no line for that morning cup of coffee. Try these tips to create a home office you’ll love.

Customize Your Space

Your home office is an opportunity to choose decor that resonates with you. Find two to three interesting pieces and add those to the decor. Work can be stressful. Decor that you enjoy can help to reduce that stress and boost your productivity. Add a pop of color with paint and some new lighting to create a home office that is truly yours. 

Stay Active

Working from home does not mean sitting all day and missing fitness goals. Creative seating, such as a yoga ball or kneeling chair, can help you build core muscles and increase flexibility while you tackle that next meeting. Standing desks or a treadmill desk are options to increase activity throughout the work day. Minor adjustments to your movement throughout the day can make a big difference in overall health. 

Create a Home Office: The 3-S Approach

Take time to find an ideal location for your home office. Consider our 3-S Approach: Space, Sound and Sun.


While minimization is a typical goal when creating a home office, be sure there is enough space to be productive. All the items you need to complete your tasks should fit comfortably in the room.


The dog barking, the noisy refrigerator, and the nearby television can all be distracting during your video call. Take time to design your space to eliminate sounds you do not want to distract you from your work. Placing large furniture against a shared wall can dampen noise. Add rugs or thick curtains to absorb sound. Music can boost your mood, so keep your favorite playlist going to keep you focused.


Let in the sunshine! Open the drapes a few hours daily to boost your mood and brighten the space. If windows are not available, mirrors can help reflect the lighting around the office. Light or neutral paint colors on the walls help brighten up a windowless area.

Your home office is your opportunity to combine comfort with productivity. Create a home office you’ll love for your entire career. 

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